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Learn about our unique offerings including acupuncture, herbal medications, and light/laser therapy!

Integrative Veterinary Medicine

Discover Photobiomodulation (Light/Laser) Therapy and the 3,500 year old art and science of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine!


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What Clients Are Saying

“Dr Jessi is wonderful. She comes to your house, loves animals, and is super patient. She’s treated both of my cats multiple times. My one cat is 15, and not a fan of people. My other is 3, rather chunky and loves people. Both have responded well to acupuncture to help them stop vomiting. She is kind, professional and great to work with.”

“Jessi was punctual and professional, yet easygoing and approachable. She clearly explained each step of the treatment on my older horse. My horse was very comfortable with the treatments. If you are considering alternative treatments such as acupuncture, you should call Jessi.”

“I know that my sweet little dog, Daisy, felt a sense of relief after her acupuncture with Dr. Jessi. One of the best parts of the experience was the way her sessions brought my relationship with my dog to a more profound place. By watching Dr. Jessi examine Daisy, I learned to “tune in” to Daisy’s being on a deeper level. I will always be grateful for her services and gift.”

“I called Dr. Jessi, when my dog, Natalia lost mobility in her hind legs. Dr. Jessi is beyond courteous and kind when it comes to caring for animals. She immediately made room in her schedule to do an on-site visit at my home. Natalia immediately loved her, which was important to me. Dr. Jessi provided Natalia with acupuncture and got Natalia back to hiking, which is both mine and Natalia’s passion. She got my best girl moving again and that love and compassion she provided to Natalia goes beyond words. Natalia had helped me through an incredibly rough year and Jessi helped put her back together again for me. If you need an excellent, kind veterinarian, contact Dr. Jessi Turner. From the bottom of both mine and Natalia’s heart we highly recommend Jessi and will miss her care immensely.”

“Our dog Frisco, an 11-year-old golden retriever, had injured his hip last fall and was having trouble moving around. Previously he had had surgery to repair his other hip, but due to his age we were not going to put him through more surgery. I contacted Dr. Jessi to see if she thought acupuncture would help him be more mobile and hopefully pain free. She visited our home and thoroughly examined Frisco who fell in love with her immediately. She has an extremely kind and loving way of interacting with animals, and at the same time, was very professional in interacting with us. Dr. Jessi gave us a thorough explanation of how she felt her services could help Frisco’s hip issues.”
–Mary Jo

“Dr. Jessi is one of a kind! I appreciate her attention to getting to know my 14.5 year old golden/lab mix pup and understanding his geriatric health issues. And also her patience for my many questions. She’s been treating him for a variety of conditions including joint pain and muscle weakness. He’s getting stronger and moving more easily with her care.”

“Dr. Jessi Turner treated my dog who had arthritic issues, mainly in his spine. This was chronic, and I wanted an alternative to traditional medicine to treat his pain.

Dr. Turner treated him with acupuncture and laser, and prescribed Chinese herbal medicine, and that got Yogi along well for several years.

She came to our house, always prompt and reliable, and treated him with kindness and compassion. When he’d had enough of the needles for the session, she read his cues and ended for that session, rather than pursue and continue to agitate him. Yogi was a bit of a drama king!

I would recommend Dr. Turner without a doubt for an animal who needs help with pain management.”

We’re excited to meet you!