I am starting a new type of post on the blog called Patient Focus! In these posts I will present one of my patients and how their life has been improved by my treatments.

Here is Chloei relaxing with her acupuncture needles!

Chloei had surgery in the beginning of May for some masses on her side. We had them removed by her Western veterinarian, and sent in to Iowa State for identification. One was a Mast Cell Tumor, a type of cancer. Luckily it was a low grade tumor and it was completely removed, so Chloei has a great prognosis!

After surgery, I performed acupuncture on Chloei to help speed healing. I also needled (inserted needles) in several points to help prevent further masses from growing. I will also put Chloei on some Chinese herbs to help balance her body.

A technique I want to highlight from Chloei’s treatment is Circle The Dragon. Not only does it sound awesome, but it’s a great technique to use in healing specific areas of the body. Four needles are placed in a circular pattern around the area. It helps to bring energy and balance to the area to increase and speed healing! Acupuncture also causes the release of endorphins to help with pain relief.

Here is a close up of her surgery incision and the acupuncture technique, Circle The Dragon.

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Tummy petting can also be an important part of acupuncture treatment!

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